应用/Applications ◆平版印刷油墨/Lithographic inks ◆UV印刷油墨/UV printing inks ◆汽车漆/Automotive paint ◆色浆/Color paste ◆网版印刷油墨/Screen Printing Inks ◆图片印刷油墨/Photo printing ink ◆电子油...

◆平版印刷油墨/Lithographic inks                    ◆UV印刷油墨/UV printing inks
◆汽车漆/Automotive paint                                     ◆色浆/Color paste
◆网版印刷油墨/Screen Printing Inks                   ◆图片印刷油墨/Photo printing ink
◆电子油墨/Electronic ink
◆机身随处可移,几乎零震动,噪音极低                                 ◆研磨腔锥型构造,产品在高黏度下流动畅通无阻
◆采用螺旋输送器,加快研磨介质、朝离心及轴向方向运动    ◆高精度间隙隔离具有自动清洗功能
◆研磨腔锥型构造,研磨腔盖可开启,便于清洗换色               ◆隔离间隙冷却、前端冷却、定子冷却、机封冷却
◆Body can be moved anywhere, almost zero vibration, low noise
◆Conical grinding chamber constructed to ensure high viscosity products at the free flow
◆Spiral conveyor speeds grinding media toward centrifugal and axial direction
◆Precision gap separation with automatic cleaning function
◆Conical grinding chamber and grinding chamber cover can be opened for easy cleaning and color changing
◆Isolation gap cooling, front-end cooling, stator cooling and mechanical seal cooling
◆Grinding chamber and dispersing leaves are made of wear-resistant material to produce high-quality products that do
    not change color
◆Working pressure and temperature, cooling water pressure and temperature can be monitored automatically enables fully
automatic operation
标准配置/Standard Configuration
◆双重机械密封/Double mechanical seal
◆精密进口轴承/Imported precision bearings
◆隔离间隙冷却、前端冷却、定子冷却/Isolation gap cooling, front-end cooling, stator cooling
    Automatic Foolproof pressure device (working pressure, water pressure)
    Automatic Foolproof Temperature Devices (working temperature, water temperature)
◆防爆装置/Explosion-proof device
◆送料泵浦(齿轮泵/隔膜泵)/Feeding pump (gear pump / diaphragm pump)
技术数据/Technical Data
型号/Model                       KFM-30LA                KFM-60LA
容量/Capacity (L)                 30                      60
主机功率/Motor Power(KW)          22                       37
冷却水/Cooling Water(m3/h)          3000                     3000
空气压力/Air Pressure Bar                4-8                   4-8
产品流速/Product Flow Rate(L/h)         200-500                300-1200
研磨介质/Grinding Media (Φmm)      0.6-2.0                      0.6-2.0
净重/Weight(kg)                         1000                    1400